Free handmade board game on paper. Free board game. How to make with your own hands.


Free paper and pencil game
Best of Web Pages to Paper and Pencil - games are games that can be played only with paper and pencil.

    Paper Soccer Paper Soccer is a turn-based logic game played between two players. Its an implementation of the classic pencil and paper.
    The game starts on an empty field of (usually) 8?10 boxes, with goals of two boxes wide as shown in the picture. In the beginning, a ball is drawn in the center of the field, on the crossing of the paper lines. Players move the ball in turns and aim to place it in the opponent's goal.
    In one turn, the ball may be moved into one of the eight paper line crossings around it (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and a segment from the original position to the new one is drawn to mark the move. The ball may move neither on the game field border nor on the segments marking the previous moves - instead, it "bounces" from them, and a player who moves the ball into a position where there is already an end of a segment or a game field border gets another turn.
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Paper and pencil game

    Finger Football Game Here's a project I worked on back in 2008 for Manchester United. I was illustrating assets for a CD-ROM and came up with this idea for a fun downloadable Paper Foldable soccer game. The original idea was to have a single "finger footballer" character that you can slip onto your pointer digit and use it to try and flick a piece of popcorn into your friend's mouth hole. They liked the idea and we expanded it into a full-on desktop game complete with goalie, ball, and net! One player uses his finger footballer to try and flick the ball into the net, while the other controls the goalie to try and block the shot (you may have to tape the net down to your desk). I also made an animation demonstrating all you need to know to get started!

Paper and pencil game

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         Oflameron I am always on the lookout for new paper-and-pencil games because they are by nature junkly - you can play them virtually for free, and the rules are usually informal and open for change.

Paper and pencil game Handmade game Handmade game

    If you would like to take part in the game you would have a good time as well. The game is interesting both for adults and for children. The aim of the game is to increase a personal account. The person who has got the highest score wins. It provides for one more feature of the game - it can be gambling. If you give a price to each point you can hold "financial" contest with you partner. But be attentive please. By the end of the game the difference in points can amount to several thousand. Thus you can lose or win a considerable amount of money. The game can be a good solution for an advertising campaign. If you have a business of your own you can place your advertisement on the form. Be sure all players will see it more than once!
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  Free handmade board game on paper. Free board game. How to make with your own hands.

Free handmade board game on paper. Free board game. How to make with your own hands. Printable flashcards
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